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The original Constitution and Bye-laws of Morton FC were as follows:


  1. That this club shall be called the "Morton Football Club", and its colours 2-inch Royal Blue and White stripes, and white knickers.
  2. That all meetings in connection with the Club be conducted on temperance principles.
  3. That the Committee of Management shall consist of President, Treasurer, Secretaries, and seven Members, all of whom are elected annually, and are all eligible for re-election.
  4. That a Committee of seven Members shall be appointed to choose Teams for the matches. The Captain of such Teams to settle all disputes on the field, and regulate the manner in which matches shall be conducted.
  5. That the Ordinary meetings of the Club shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month, 20 to form a quorum. The annual business meeting for the reading reports and election of office-bearers will take place at the end of the season.
  6. That persons proposed as members shall be admitted only by consent of two-thirds of those present at an ordinary meeting, and shall be considered Members from date of proposal.
  7. That playing Members subscription be for the first year 5s and 3s for each season thereafter, all subscriptions become due on election, and no member shall be entitled to the privileges of the Club until his subscription be paid.
  8. That in the event of any member receiving injury on the field, he shall receive such compensation as the Club consider necessary.
  9. That at Cup-ties the teams will receive all travelling expenses, at ordinary matches half expenses. Members out of employment shall in all cases have their expenses defrayed by the Club. Members in arrears do not receive any expenses until their arrears be paid.
  10. That after all matches the stangers be entertained by the Club. All such entertainments to be in accordance with Rule No. 2.
  11. That none of the preceding rules can be rescinded unless by consent of two-thirds pf the members present at an ordinary meeting.


  1. That the President shall preside at all meetings connected with the Club, shall have power to check all personal controversy, and enforce the rules of the Club.
  2. That at meetings no member to be allowed to speak more than twice on a debate on any subject, unless permission to be granted by the Chairman.
  3. That on a requisition signed by twelve Members, the Secretary shall call a special meeting of the club, said meeting only to transact the business for which it was called.
  4. That any Member wishing to discontinue Membership shall shall send in his resignation to the Secretary prior to September 1st.
  5. That the Secretary shall keep the Roll of Membership, to be called at any time the Club thinks proper, take minutes of proceedings, report matches and do all necessary correspondence.
  6. That the Trearurer shall keep regular accounts of receipts, and prepare a statement for the annual meeting.
  7. That the Club shall make such Bye-Laws, as may from time to time seem expedient, in accordance with the Constitution.


Club History


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