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Mortons Trust continues to grow.

The initial Board of Greenock Morton Supporters Trust would like to personally thank everyone who has joined GMST. We now have the second biggest membership in Scotland for a supporters Trust. The only club with a bigger supporters Trust is Celtic. This is a tremendous effort and we would like to thank everyone for having the courage and foresight to come and join GMST. But there is much that needs to be done. We would like to become number one, the biggest supporters Trust in Scotland. We can do this with a little help from our current members.

Most people we have spoken to who are supporters and who have not joined tell us "I have just not got round to it yet." So we need our members help to persuade those supporters to take just 10 minutes and fill out the membership form. Ten minutes which will allow the Trust to make a massive difference to the future of our club. We would like all Trust members to become ambassadors for the Trust. Speak to those people they know who have not yet got around to filling out the forms. Ask them to make the time or if they want more information to come and talk to any representative of the Trust. Believe me we can make a difference. Your contribution may seem small in the big scheme of things but when all those tenners hit the bank they amount to a considerable sum of money. We can play a historic part in saving this club. We can be part of the solution. We can build a club to be proud of given your help.

So if you know anyone who has shown an interest lets get them onboard we have an historic opportunity which as Morton supporters we cannot afford to miss.

We can be contacted by e-mail through [email protected] or anyone can write to us at Greenock Morton Supporters Trust, PO Box 9417, GREENOCK, PA15 4YD.


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