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'Ton tops around the world!

by Site Staff

Morton tops, and supporters, turn up in the most unusual places. We're trying to collect some pictures of some well travelled 'Ton tops and their proud owners.

The Judge in Oz
(© The Judge)

Le Chien Manquee at the an Siro
(© Le Chien Manquee)

Martin Lafferty makes a scene on 5th Avenue, New York
(© Karen Lafferty)

Laura McB in Oz
(© Laura McB)

Nabbie stays calm on the Pepsi-Max Big One at Blackpool pleasure Beach
(© Nabbie)

American goats reported worried as Thrice enters the country
(© Thrice)


If you have a picture of you, or someone else, wearing a Morton top in an unusual or unexpected place, email it to us at [email protected] and we'll add it to the gallery.


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